Make yourself comfortable because you are about to listen to something special. The song was sung by the person who was the lead man of the famous heavy metal group Disturbed. The man is none other than David Draiman. “Sound Of Silence” is the name of the song we are talking about and this time round we have a rendition which has taken everything a notch higher. Below, it was performed during the Conan O’Brien Show by one able band.
Those who love the oldies, then they are familiar with “The Sound of Silence.” It is among the popular hits that Simon and Garfunkel did in the early 1960’s. Despite being around for that long, the incredible tune is still cherished by many. So it is understandable that Disturbed as a band recreated it while doing their album known as “Immortalized.” Though not many expect a heavy metal group to perform a folk classic, they went ahead and did the best thing ever!
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