Take it from me: Our military is superb, and it’s all because of the ladies and gentlemen who give themselves up to serve national interests. They protect our society even in far-flung corners of the planet. They’re humans too, and that’s why they deserve as much respect and recognition. Now this story will touch you!
John Vorrath is a soldier working with the National Guard. He got deployed to a warzone in the Middle East. He fought there for many months, and then a time came for his expectant wife at home to give birth to their child. It’s saddening, you say, although he still got a chance to see it all via Skype. But it’s what happened next that’s much more heart-warming!
John was given some time off to go see his family at the hospital, and he had to endure 22 full hours of flight-time to reach his family. He pulled such a nice surprise on his lovely wife!
Watch as the military man finally gets a good chance to welcome his 1-day-old daughter into planet Earth. The moment is epic. See it all in his eyes!
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