When you move into a new place, ideally there should not be anything to complain about. The heat works, the windows close fine and there's no questionable wet black spots anywhere on the walls. But the reality is that you often find a few flaws with your new home that you might want to fix up.
This family's new home has a gray, rather dreary-looking concrete porch that has a serious flaw on it: "The sheet of concrete was cracked in the middle and had sunk down to the point where the porch was uneven," said the home-owner. But before they can find a solution to the problem, the family receives a large pile of pallets by coincidence.
This is what made them come up with the idea to cover the porch with pallets. First, all of the planks are removed from the pallets, because some of them have to be adjusted. Mainly, however, the idea is to give the pallets better stability by adding support plates to them.
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After this, all of the planks are reattached and you can already see how much nicer the porch is going to look soon.
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Tadaa! All the planks are back in place. With the additional support plates underneath, there's no more wobbling and the next party on your porch can begin without anybody having to be afraid of stumbling.
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Finally, a coat of varnish is applied to protect the wood. This has to be redone from time to time so that you can keep enjoying your pallet porch for a long time.
The ugly cracked block of concrete is now perfectly hidden. From now on, the cosy porch in its natural colors will invite you to relax on it. This is the kind of porch that you're happy to plant yourself down on and watch the world go by on a sunny summer afternoon.
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