A mother had just given birth to a boy without Limbs in Utah, Brazil. The biological mother was probably horrified and decided to abandon the baby. She practically made him an orphan. All looked dark and grim for the baby. An orphanage took him in and sent out requests for adoption. When Ron and His Wife Janelle saw the boy’s photo in a grocery store, they just couldn’t hold their love for the cute looking boy. Janelle said she would adopt him in a second.
Shortly afterwards, she and her husband were at the airport to pick him up. They brought him home and raised him as they did their other children. They taught him to be self reliant and made him feel at home. It was amazing to see him grow to a responsible young boy. At 17 years, it is amazing when you look at him and realize what love can do to a person’s life.
Janelle and her Husband Ron instilled a sense of independence in the boy. He does everything for himself, making life very easy for him, in contrast to what he would have had to endure had he been taught to expect someone to do tasks for him. KindlySHARE this amazing story to encourage others to love and cherish the less fortunate in the society!


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