42-year-old Brit Lisa Royle from Manchester feels fit and healthy. But one day she reads a Facebook post that a friend of hers shared. She immediately gets an uneasy feeling. She learns that a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and the only symptom she had was a dimple on her breast. 
As Lisa is examining herself right after reading the post, she also finds a similar dimple on her breast. Just to be sure, she goes to see a doctor right away. For the examination, a biopsy of the breast in question is done. Lisa can't believe what they find: She has breast cancer. Although she was still in shock after hearing the terrible diagnosis, she publishes a status on Facebook in which she warns other women of seemingly harmless dimples.
Lisa wants to warn all women not to take the issue of breast cancer lightly and to see a doctor regularly to be examined. "It is so easy to overlook. I only discovered it because a good friend of mine shared a similar photo. A dimple. That was my only symptom," she explained to a newspaper. All that remains is to wish Lisa all the best and a speedy recovery as she fights this terrible disease. Her call to action may help save the lives of many other women!


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