The Brazilian Carnival is synonymous with partying, music and fun. And this as much as for the one who lives to live and who sees it on TV. However, this huge and colorful folk festival hides a terrible reality.
cabin Carnival
Every year, the parades of the samba schools attract visitors from all over the world who are impressed with the samba and the exuberance and luxury of the floats. However, few wonder about the origin of feathers and down that adorn the body of the goddesses of the parades.The materials come from birds such as pheasant, turkey, goose or ostrich. But those feathers are not taken naturally. This is a rather cruel industry.
cabin Carnival
These animaies are raised in countries like South Africa, China or India. Brazil is one of the world's largest importers of feathers of these birds. All for Carnival.
Direitos dos Animais
To pluck the feathers of birds, he grabs them by the throat, with legs tied, and they pluck the feathers. This process causes pain, suffering and leaves them exposed to the sun and severe infections. The struggle of these animals during the process comes to provoke fractures.Ostriches, which typically live about 40 years, suffer this brutality year after year. And the feathers of these birds are a real gold mine: one pheasant feather, for example, can cost up to $ 100R!
To end this real slaughter, one was created  online request through the "" platform, which aims to collect signatures to end the use of down and feathers of animals in the Brazilian Carnival parades.
The request will be sent to the presidents of the Union of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The text calls on all those involved in the Carnival are sensitized to animal abuse and suggests that natural feathers by synthetic feathers, making the Carnival a more ethical show are replaced. 
So far, the petition has already gathered more than 70,000 signatures. The text says: "If we as humans want to be respected, we should have more respect for animals, they have no way to defend against human cruelty." The petition continues to make a call  for " a fairer and more ethical gayest carnival ."
Occupy for Animals
This is the full request:
"  What s animals suffer and are exploited for something we understand unnecessary, because as we human beings need and take care of our body, our skin, animals have fur and feathers, which are part of your body. If we , the human, we want to be respected, we should have more respect for animals, they have no way to defend against human cruelty. we are defenders of animal rights and therefore we sensitize their suffering. 
We know that many people do not think it's wrong, but we think there is yes, because there is pain, suffering and exploitation, and inhumanity. It's time to stop using and abusing animals, and let them follow the natural course of life. If we want peace, we must sow, from respect for all.
Please replace natural feathers by synthetic feathers, and so without exploitation, enjoy a more ethical, fair and cheerful carnival. Partnerships can only benefit from this, because they never talked much as today ecology, environment, recycling and these issues.Therefore, replacing these animal materials would be a huge step for a show that sees the world.
Let us be more aware and respect the animals. Peace, love and respect start for us. "
Occupy for Animais
If you want to sign the petition, click on this  link . Carnival in Brazil is much more human if you help stop the mistreatment of these animals. 


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