Now you can get instant relief from blocked sinuses and breath using your fingers just by touching your pressure points in a method known as acupressure.

Press between your eyebrows and use your tongue:
  • To clear your sinuses you should push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and at the same time apply pressure to the pressure point between your eyebrows with a finger.
  • Keep this posture for a minimum of 20 seconds, you will immediately start to get some relief.
  • As soon as you loosen your tongue and lessen your fingers pressure you will feel some movement to the back of your throat as the mucus accumulation softens.
  • You can also alternate between pressing the point between your eyebrows known as the Yintang acupoint which is where the nasion is situated and pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Apply pressure across your eyebrows:
You should try this method to clear your nose and upper sinuses especially if you have a feeling that your congested sinuses is moving higher up into your head.

  • You can stimulate the movement of build-up fluid and mucus by moving your fingertips across your eyebrows.
  • First you put your fingers at the beginning of each of your eyebrows which is close to the center point where they don’t meet.
  • You then lean forward to enable your head to rest on your elbows.
  • After some seconds as you feel the pressure shift, you then slide your fingers to the middle of each of your eyebrows.
  • Keep the posture until you notice a slight lightness once you do, move your fingers to the end of each eyebrow.
  • You can hold a steady pressure or you can move your fingertips in a circular motion to help stimulate the mucus to flow from your forehead.
  • As soon as the fluid flows out the pressure to your forehead will cease and you will feel relieved.


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