We’re no strangers to thevocal prowess of children around the globe, and sometimes the biggest talents come in the smallest packages. That’s the feeling you’ll get when watching these two sisters perform a show-stopping duet to “Without You,” a song written by British rock group Badfinger and made popular by Harry Nilsson… and in a more contemporary context by pop superstar Mariah Carey.
The sisters are Ukrainian songstresses Viktoria and Anastasia Petryk, and they willwow you with their incredible range. They pack as much glamour (with their matching long blonde hair) and technical skill as even Mariah herself!
At first, it seems like the older sister is nervous as she walks onstage — but the moment her younger sister joins her, all of the anxiety seems to melt away. Together, they give us a must-see performance with emotional delivery without a single misstep throughout.
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