What were you doing when you were 14 years old? You were probably anxious about being a freshman in high school, and stressing about how hard your schoolwork was or who your friends were going to be. After school, you probably spent some time on your homework or at band or sports practice. That’s a pretty normal routine for an average 14-year-old, give and take a few extracurriculars.
But Sofie Dossi is not your average young teenage girl. While she does go to school and does her homework, she does something quite outside of the box in her spare time.
She once saw a video online that ignited a flame in her. Once she let her parents know, they were both incredibly supportive. Her father even helps build the structures she needs to pursue her out-of-the-ordinary hobby.
When she steps on the stage and tells the America’s Got Talent judges what she’s about to perform for them, they’re shocked that someone so young would be able to do what she’s about to do (much like one young girl who auditioned with some incredible vocals). But once she gets started? They see that she’s basically a pro already.
Then, a bow and arrow are handed to her, with a target poised to the side of the stage. The judges are terrified when she points it, but not for the reason that you’d think. What a seriously talented young woman!
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