If we talk about a duo that has ever sang a classic country music of all ages, then we will be talking Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. This duo released a song called “Islands in the Stream,” that went on air in August of 1983. In the USA, it attained #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Also it hit the top at Country and Adult Contemporary charts.
This duo never stopped there, as they went on to record another Christmas album together, and another song with the title of “Real Love,” that was recorded in 1985. Then rumor had it that this musical pairing was more than just a duo. People considered them to be in a relationship, but the fact was that no one of the two wanted to spoil the so far achieved successes by getting in love.
30 years after releasing the song “Islands in the Stream,” the two came together again for another duet by the name “You Can’t Make Old Friends.” Whether a country music fan or not, the song will touch you with the strong message it holds. In the clip below, Kenny says that we can be away and not seeing each other for 6 months, but when we meet in a room, we converse like we never were apart because of being old friends.
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