24-year-old Caroline Santana, a student from São Paulo, Brazil, needed to catch a late night bus to get home. But when she reached for her bus pass, it wasn't there. To make matters worse, she didn't have any money to buy a ticket. At the same moment, a homeless man walked up to her asking for change. She asked him to be patient while she frantically searched for her pass, but he gave her an answer that almost knocked her off her feet:
Facebook/Caroline Santana
"How much do you need to buy a ticket?" he asked. "I have a couple of Real (Brazilian currency) I can give you." Caroline was thrilled, but refused. He insisted, "Please, I can give you this money. I can not let you walk home. I can help you." She resisted, and luckily, she finally located her pass. She said goodbye to the man and started to head to the bus stop. But before she got there, she turned around and went back to the homeless man to ask for a photo. "Can I take a picture with you share this story and show how generous you are?" He agreed, and she shared the photo of the man, named Caesar, on her Facebook page.
Facebook/Caroline Santana
Caroline's post has been shared over 100,000 times. She also wrote, "It is a lesson: That gentleman had little, and he depends on the help of others to survive, yet he was willing to give me what I needed that night just so I didn't have to walk home." And she adds, "He has a huge heart, and at that moment, he cared for a stranger without knowing, or ever even having seen me."
A wonderful lesson we should all learn from Caesar!


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