When it comes to certain conditions, you just have to accept that you just have a body that refuses to accept the bigger you. That is what the boy in the video below is undergoing. His name is Grant and he suffers from a condition that stunts his growth. It is a rare condition that gives him the looks of a baby. His brother is just one year old but still people mistake think they are twins. Sooner, his brother is going to outgrow him. That is however not going to be a problem. That is because Grant is actually smart. His little brother will have a lot to learn from him. He has a big heart too, which is what no one can get enough of, the good deeds he does are just awesome.
His parents are now used to letting him do stuff for himself. If they help him, say like when he falls down and he has trouble getting on his feet again, then he has to make up for it later. It is tough but he is doing great for someone in his circumstances.
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