It’s not every day you’ll find yourself face to face with your partner, only to have them ask you to pop a massive infected cyst on their face.
If that ever does and you’re inclined to agree to the request instead of offering to take them to a medical professional… You might just want to rethink that position. This poor woman was tasked to do just that for her boyfriend, and it’s one of the nastiest “procedures” you’ll ever see!
Almost immediately after making a light score on the infected area she’s blasted in the face with a healthy dose of puss, but to her credit she continues on as if nothing had happened. She scores it, squeezes it and uses some specialized tweezers in an attempt or two at pulling the solid mass out.


Like the ghost of Christmas past that monstrosity popped out of his cheek. Hopefully she did manage to get it all in the end, because as Dr. Pimple Popper has taught us the infected area needs to be cleared out completely!


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