Since the Olympics in Rio this year is scheduled to be a complete and utter disaster you’ll probably have to find something else to watch in the meantime, and why not keep it similar to what they offer?
Thanks to the good folks over at Cube Creations under the direction of French filmmaker Nicolas Deveaux we now have the ability to watch Olympic style diving in a whole new light – with giraffes!
This incredible animated video shows what the world would be like were giraffes the rulers of the land instead of us, and how they would enjoy a bit of their own free time. At first it’s extremely hard to tell whether or not they used actual giraffes in the video, but as time goes on the ridiculous is just unfeasible and you can start to believe that there were never any long-necked animals in the film at all!

The only thing this video leaves you wondering is whether or not a giraffe could be that limber, but something tells me that’s a question we won’t see a properly tested answer to that anytime soon… Probably not though.


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