You know that feeling when you are trying your best to look tough but end up being funny? Well, this beautiful dog certainly does! He jumps around and barks menacingly, but his attempts to scare the little baby fall flat as the baby just keeps laughing hysterically showing no fear whatsoever.
Putting dogs and babies in a room together is always bound to be interesting. Just watching them react to each other is a priceless experience, and hilarity often ensues! It is a well recognized recipe for getting your videos on America’s Funniest Videos, or getting millions of YouTube views.
It goes without saying of course that this pooch never actually intended to hurt the baby, he just wanted to play. His little friend, however, remains unimpressed by his attempts at playing a tough guy.
Let me give you a challenge. Try not to smile while watching this video! I know. It’s impossible, right?


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