Dogs are loyal. They are a man’s best friend. They are intelligent too. Thanks to their excellent taste and sharp sense of smell, dogs make the best military choice. Additionally, they can differentiate the bad from the good. Despite all the positive characteristics, they do not have a long lifespan like the humans.
In the video below, meet Zeus. Zeus is a German shepherd. Zeus was a loyal and diligent member of the K9 police force in Ridgefield. During his active years, he helped changed the life of many people.
As Zeus grew old, the police had some good plans for him. They decided to give him a decent farewell. Zeus was taken to Ridgefield veterinary home where he will stay till he dies a natural death. How kind of the police to give Zeus a marching farewell.
Watch the clip and see how Zeus receives a bidding farewell from his human friends. It will touch your heart.
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