Animal lovers have long known that dogs have complex emotions even if they hide them behind their adorable eyes. They're not just capable of absolute love and affection; they also experience very deep sorrow. They can form friendships and their hearts break when they lose these friends. That's exactly what happened to a Weimaraner named Harlow.
When his best dog friend Sage died, Harlow was absolutely devastated. He was hardly able to sleep, ate very little and spent long days sleeping in misery. This is one of the last photos of the two.
It took weeks before Harlow regained interest in seeing other dogs and playing around. When his owner brought two new "siblings" home, they got an affectionate reception from Harlow.

Pretty soon the three were inseparable and now they spend the whole day either playing or cuddling together. They're also incredibly photogenic.
The difference in size doesn't play a role at all. Harlow, Indian and Reese are made for one another.
They are happiest when they can cuddle up with each other. Don't you just want to join in?
No one would have guessed that Harlow would be so happy again. Harlow has never forgotten his old friend but from his face you can see the happiness that this new friendship brings him. And his new pals don't seem to mind either!
Who would say that animals are not as sensitive as people? How lovely that Harlow has found new friends and a new family. We wish the three all the best!


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