Mark, who is a proud owner of two lovely cockatoos named Ollie and Stan, were relaxing at the kitchen. An idea came to him and he took out his guitar and started playing Elvis lyrics. When he had played a little of “Don’t Be Cruel,” a 1956 song by King, the most funny thing happened.
A bird that was on the left side, started to dance while swaying and doing some head bangs. The more he continued to play the song, the more the bird got to do crazy routines. Maybe the correct statement to describe him is that he is a fan of that music and when played, he feels the same way we human beings feel. The other bird seemed not to be interested in the music or what is brother was doing.
Actually, I had taken quite a long time before having a good laugh until I watched this video. Make sure you are well prepared to laugh before watching the clip. One commentat underlined that the bird had a cool taste more than what most kids have.
Generally cockatoos are known to be clever birds. Apart from that, they are considered to be expensive.
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