It’s getting really close to flu season, meaning it’s time to hit up the local Rite Aid or doctors office for this year’s round of inoculations against one of the most widespread sicknesses out there. Lately there’s been a huge boom to the popularity of anti-vaccination due partly to the pharmaceutical companies treating illness like profit, losing the trust of the general populous. Naturally they’re not solely to blame as some governments involved are even allowing it (here’s looking at you USA), so with a lack of trust an a terrible track record it just makes sense something like this would happen.
People are asking questions, they’re wondering what all could actually be in these vaccinations when it feels like they’re making bargains for a loved one’s life (or their own) with pure evil. Wouldn’t you be suspect? With that being said there’s at least eleven different reasons that might make you want to reconsider this year’s flu shot.
1. The shot can actually cause you to get sick in the first place, which is the one thing you wanted to avoid in the first place. Regardless whether you get the shot or the spray you’ll probably notice a lowered immune system following right afterwards, which doesn’t make sense if the virus is dead and incapable of replicating. Shouldn’t it have minimal effect on our immune systems?
2. Naturally the flu vaccine carries a few strands of the virus itself, that’s what the vaccine is, but there’s also chemicals such as Mercury present used as preservatives. You know Mercury, that stuff that’s entirely poisonous to humans? Well this issue’s become so heavily debated that now you can get the vaccines without the use of any thimerosal in them at all, which should tell you something.
3. Many people have accused the flu shot of causing Alzheimer’s in patients or even making matters worse for those who already have an immunosuppressive disease. While there’s no real research to suggest the flu shot CAN give you Alzheimer’s, there’s plenty to suggest it doesn’t. With that being said, someone already sick can end up more so when you introduce new illnesses and viruses, but it could also help give their immune system a little jump as well. It depends entirely on the person and what they’re dealing with.
4. One very big problem with the medical field today is just how much of a price companies have put on the rest of us just to stay alive. You’re sick? Better have insurance, but even if you do you’ll still end up paying the co-pay, which makes little sense when you’re already paying an a**load each year for their services but hey. People have lost all faith in companies and corporations treating them like actual people, and they say not to bite the hand that feeds you… So why keep feeding them when they just keep biting?
5. The flu has been known to kill young children in the past, but due to the vaccination coming out those deaths have indeed gone down. With that being said if you do decide to give your child the vaccination you need to pay extra attention to them for the following weeks. Additionally, the vaccination isn’t a guarantee, your child could still end up with a different strain of the virus regardless whether they’ve been inoculated or not.
6. If you’re someone with existing conditions that suppress your immune system and you add on the flu vaccine you’re much more susceptible to other outside illness’. Pneumonia is a very serious sickness, and something you can very easily catch after receiving the flu shot.
7. There’s legitimate medical research [] which suggests the flu shot actually increases the risk of vascular inflammation when introduced to the human body. While this particular study states they only checked men, women may want to keep it in mind until more research is available.
8. Did you know the first inoculation is supposed to be given at around 6 months of age, when a baby doesn’t even have a fully developed immune system yet. Again, if you do decide to get them the vaccine make sure you keep an extra eye out in the coming weeks.
9. According to even the CDC some influenza vaccinations have caused narcolepsy in some patients who used Pandemrix, something that shouldn’t ever happen from a vaccine. Luckily the US has never allowed the sale of any flu vaccine with any adjuvants (additives) present, but with the way things have been going lately it only seems like a matter of time. []
10. A flu shot WILL weaken your autoimmune response, making you vastly more susceptible to any outside bacteria/virus.
11. Back in 1976 a swine flu vaccine was created and distributed that ended up causing a higher chance of contracting Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a disease which causes muscle weakness and even paralysis in some cases. If it’s happened once what’s to stop it from happening again when profits mean more than lives?


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