It is no secret that dogs love humans! They are the most loyal friends humans could ever wish for. For this reason, we humans should take better care of them.
There are of course people who deserve the love and respect of their pups, but then again there are many those who do not. Those who beat them up, abandon them, torture and use them. A dog loves you unconditionally, and unconditional love is nothing less than any puppy deserves.
This video tells a story of a beautiful pooch and his favorite human like toy! This lovely canine doesn’t want to grab the human doll with his teeth for fear of harming it, and he brings the ball back to it as if it were a real human! They sleep together, and go to the doctors together.
The ending of this short story will have you in tears though! It is very surprising! Watch this video to see how much your dog cares!


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