He lives in Fremont, California and often sees his 75-year-old neighbor climbing on his roof on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoons. David Perez would watch as he seemed to be up there a few hours at a time, then would return back down. David finally came to the conclusion that the man was repeatedly trying to fix the shingles on his roof, all on his own. This prompted David to send out the following message on Facebook:
“I’m trying to reach anyone that has roofing experience. So please share this. I have a neighbor, the man on the roof in this picture, name unknown. He is about 80 years old and climbs onto the roof trying to finish putting the shingles on by himself. I feel sorry for him but I have no roofing skills. I would like to see if anyone can donate their time to help him finish. It appears that he has all the materials so looking for free labor to show up this Saturday, August 29th.”
Hopefully a handful of people would see it and pass it along, but never did David imagine that the post would end up going viral. With 1,400 shares, Saturday came along and 40 people ended up showing up! In the meantime, others brought along pizza, water, and various snacks to the volunteers.
75-year-old Richard Dubiel was equally amazed by how many people showed up. He had been at it for 3 months trying to fix his roof shingles, all to prepare for the El Niño storms. Every time he was up there, his knees hurt, but now, with all the help present, Richard wouldn’t have to worry about his knees, or his problem roof, anymore.
Here’s what he had to say:
“It restores your faith in humanity. I’m just astounded. I couldn’t believe it when this fella knocked on my door and said he wanted to help for free. What a gesture.”
Richard went on to say the following:
“You see so much negativity and out here, this was positive – real positive – with no thought of return or reward, other than that of helping somebody.”
David had figured this was going to be a full days work. But with the high turnout of volunteers, they wrapped up the entire roof job in only four hours! All thanks to David’s keen observation and then his call to action.
Here’s what David had to say about the whole experience:
“Just knowing how many times people shared [the Facebook post], it was very surprising how far it reached. The ones who took their time to come out and help a stranger was very nice. It was very uplifting to see that.”
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