When dogs don’t get their way, a major temper tantrum can ensue. While it can be very annoying, it is usually undeniably cute! You can’t help but feel for your pooch as he whines and whines, not wanting to take no for an answer.
Case in point is Napoleon. He’s in the car with his owner, riding shotgun. But Napoleon wants a warm lap to cuddle up on during the journey in the car. Obviously the owner objects as it’s going to be uncomfortable for her, not to mention dangerous. So Napoleon starts in with the cutest protest ever!
He whines and cries and displays the classic pouty-puppy eyes that you’ve ever seen. Then he’ll actually stick his tongue out and whine like a little baby!
This little guy can really work it! Very hard to deny this guy his way after listening to his whimpering. Nevertheless, the owner sticks with safety first and probably knows if she gives in once, then he’s going to put on this hissy fit show from now on, realizing that he’ll be able to get his way!
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