Beth Thomas was just a year old when her mother died and she and her newborn brother Jonathan were left with an extremely violent father. Caught in this hell, both children were severely neglected by their father, who also sexually assaulted his completely defenseless daughter.
When Beth was 19 months old, she and her brother were finally rescued and placed in a home with caring adoptive parents. The back of her seven-month-old brother's skull was flat; he wasn't even able to lift his head because he had been left lying in his crib the entire day. Beth herself suffered from horrible nightmares.
The adoptive parents weren't told about what the children had to endure. But over the course of time, it became more and more clear that Beth was behaving very strangely. The small girl would masturbate so frequently that her vagina would bleed. She stuck her brother and the family's pets with needles. One day she smashed her brother's head hard against the concrete basement floor with the intention of killing him.
Fearing for their own safety and those around them, her adoptive parents brought her to a psychiatrist. Her terrible past then began to come to light. On account of the neglect and abuse, she was completely unable to experience love or sympathy. She even spoke about wanting to stab her parents to death in the middle of the night without exhibiting a trace of emotion.
To help Beth, she was taken into a special facility that cared for children who had been badly neglected or abused. The expert caretaker in this home not only knew how to curb Beth's extreme behavior, but also taught her how to love and how to accept love from others. Beth finally understood what it was like to be trusted and valued and she began to see herself as an important person.
Following a year of intensive therapy, Beth was hardly any different from other girls her age. She was able to attend public school, made friends, and sang in a church choir. Nonetheless, there was a long road ahead of her because psychological injuries are slow to heal.

Thanks to extensive treatment, Beth learned how to feel empathy for others and how to trust people again. She graduated from university and today works as a nurse. Not only that, but she even received an award for her exceptional performance in the maternity ward.
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Here is a documentary film about Beth's incredible story:


Beth will never completely be rid of the memories and pain from her tormented childhood, but despite all circumstances, she has shown that with the right help, one can recover from these psychological wounds. Her shocking case shows what can happen with children who are the victims of abuse. One can hardly begin to contemplate what would have happened had Beth not received treatment. That she is happy and successful today is a tribute to all who helped her.


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