Twelve years ago a husband and wife named Larry and Debbie were approached by a man with a little puppy telling them he’d found their dog, the only problem was he wasn’t their dog! Even still they decided to keep him and take care of him; they named him Bruno.
When they first got him they decided to keep him on a leash to ensure he couldn’t wander off anywhere, but it was obvious how much he hated that. According to Larry, Bruno would run down to the end of his chain and choke himself trying to get off of it, so they decided to just let him run around instead. Eventually the pup came across Highway 84, where he encountered a tiny town known as Longview… but that town was four miles away from home!
Ever since that first four mile walk Bruno has been addicted to the little town and for the past twelve years he hasn’t skipped a single day. He’s been coming to the town for so long and so consistently, they even built a statue in dedication to him. To them, he’s a dog that belongs not only to Larry and Debbie but to them as well – they’re all a part of the same family.

Bruno is a pretty old guy at the moment but you can tell he’s still got the heart of a defiant little puppy that refused to be tied down, and that whole town is better because of it. He’s brought them all together in a way only a beloved pet can, so hopefully his time isn’t for a ways off yet!


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