It is so amazing to see how animals of different species can relate together in a very exceptional way.
In the clip below, we are fortunate to meet a pit bull by the name of Herbie, and a Jabby the horse. It can be clearly seen that the two have developed a strong bond which never stops to stun people, more so how Jabby treats Herbie.
It is true that friendship has no limit, since the two are very different when it comes to body size. Herbie, is basically the size of Jabby had, but this has nothing to do with him waiting for his horse friend at the stall to say hi to him. When Jabby spots the puppy waiting at the stall, he gets his head closer and rubs him. To show appreciation, Herbie immediately wags his tail. You can witness that the puppy wants some more when Jabby retreats his head. Herbie jumps up and tried to get him lower his head back to him for some more nuzzling.
Watch the following amazing clip to see this for yourself how the two kiss each other and play. We humans should learn a lesson from the two animal friends! Please SHARE this clip with all your friends on Facebook!


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