More and more cases are being cited in regards to individuals leaving their animals in vehicles while it is hot outside. It can be very frustrating to see a suffering dog inside a car, yet you immediately hesitate to do anything about it as the fear of being sent to jail for busting open a window, even if it is to save a dog, begins to play on your mind.

Well now, those worries are no longer, at least in California. Bust open that window without hesitation as the California Right to Rescue Act will protect helpful citizens who are saving the lives of animals who are in danger. It took a number of incidents of dogs dying from heatstroke inside of locked cars before Assembly members Marc Steinorth and Miguel Santiago, along with others, introduced AB 797 to the California legislature. The bill states the rules of the law and what you are allowed to do. First, you have to contact law enforcement if you see an animal in immediate danger. If it is an emergency and law enforcement might not be able to arrive in time to save the animal, then a citizen is immune to any liability for vehicle damage if they make the decision to bust in and save the animal in peril. Here’s what Steinorth says about the new law: “We’re very excited about the lives this new law will save. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise awareness of this serious issue and showed their support.” The new measure is indeed supported by both The Humane Society of the United States and the Los Angeles district attorney’s office. This new law will hopefully save the lives of many more animals who are brutally suffering from being trapped inside of locked cars.
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