Abusing a romantic partner is never a good way to earn the respect of anyone around you; as a matter of fact you’re more likely to see looks of disgust from most were you to proudly exclaim how you’ve beaten on an ex. That’s why I’ll never be able to understand exactly why anyone could ever think it’s acceptable. You can trade heated words all day and not many would bat an eye aside from telling you you’re in a bad relationship, but the moment you turn to physical violence you’ve lost them. One Missouri man now has more than just the state looking for him and it’s all thanks to a concerned father… well, that and his actions.
Chelsea Simmons
Twenty-year-old Chelsea Simmons came home to her father one day with her eye looking like this. She’d been beaten and nearly choked to death by her 27-year-old boyfriend Cedric Powe, who hadn’t let it stop there. Not only did he choke her to the point of her passing out, he woke her up and then repeated the process, and any medical professional will tell you that’s not good. Once Simmons was out of Powe’s grip he fled, presumably somewhere in the south side of St. Louis, and has since managed to evade capture.
Knowing the trouble the police would have finding Powe, Simmons’ father Mark Zack decided to put out a search party of his own in the only way he knew would speak to people – with cash. There is now a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of Powe, an offer not many people would turn down for someone they hardly know.
Unfortunately for Simmons, her final encounter with Powe has left her terrified and damaged for possibly the rest of her life. According to the doctors she was only minutes away from death, but that’s not the last of her problems he’s left her – she’s permanently lost vision in her left eye.
They have managed to file a restraining order against Powe but that has apparently never stopped him before, as he’s got two prior infractions for violating a couple of those orders. That means if Simmons wants to have a good night’s rest again then this horror of a human being needs to be caught and put behind bars. That should be an attempted murder charge if I ever saw one, so his history of evading punishment may be coming to a swift end soon. Here’s to hoping.


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