Hero is an amazing dog. He’s what they call a diabetic alert dog and the girl he watches over is 4-year-old Sadie. She has type 1 diabetes. With her condition, things can happen very suddenly. That’s where Hero comes in.
When something is wrong, Hero is the first to sense it and then he will alert the parents. Naturally Hero needs to be close to pick up on Sadie’s behavior in order to sense that something is wrong. At least that is what you would think.
It turns out, while Sadie was 5 miles away at school, Hero was at home and started acting very odd. His behavior was strong enough, that it prompted Sadie’s mother to just call the school and ensure the little girl was alright.
Sadies blood sugar was checked at the school to put the mother at ease. But when they took it they found out that it indeed was dangerously low!
Check out this incredible video.

How in the world did Hero detect that Sadie was in trouble from such a great distance away? Nobody knows, but what everyone is sure of is that without Hero, things could’ve turned out very dangerous for little Sadie. Share this amazing story with friends and family!


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