The way the general public and the police relate nowadays makes it hard for it us to remember they are one of us. They are prone to mistakes just like any other human being. They can also be regarded as heroes since they always risk their lives while serving us.
Delaware who is a police officer within the Dover Police Department proved how human he is. His funny moment ended up being featured in most of the news.
This video was released on the YouTube page of the Dover Police Department. The funny officer was secretly caught on camera dancing to Taylor Swift’s famous hit “Shake It Off.” The officer was driving while on with his daily errands until the song started playing. He did one of the best hilarious renditions that have ever been done to the song.
This video gets even better when he is approaching a pedestrian. He nods and waves affectionately by temporarily stopping dancing and lip synching so as to maintain his professionalism. He goes back to his thing once he is sure nobody is watching him. So amazing!
As revealed in the YouTube page, this is the first series in their “DashCam Confessional” production and promise more better things to come in the near future.
This is enough evidence that police officers are not any different. They can get hilarious when no one is watching them. As far as they concentrate in whatever they are doing, no one has a problem with them!
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