When David Archuleta appeared on the American Idol, we all new this guy had some great talent, and he proved it to all and sundry by fighting out all the way to the finals. Even though David Cook beat Archuleta to the top spot, this man has remained in hearts as one of the best performers. Well, the good news is: this smart guy isn’t done with us yet!
So it turns out David has a thing for Christmas, so he came up with incredible rendition of one of the Christmas classics we’re forever in love with. It’s “The Prayer,” and now David and Nathan Pacheco have done their own cool version of the song. It’s the nicest hit you’re listening to this Christmas, and this video will prove it!
According to good David, he and Nathan felt the need to record the piece in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. When you get to watch and listen to this, you’ll love their well-blending voices that’ll get you singing too!
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