Archie had lived in an orphanage in Bulgaria since birth and all the while without having the privilege of knowing his family. Today, there are still many prejudices against the disability that the boy has: a gene mutation of the 21st chromosome, commonly known as Down syndrome. No one wanted to adopt this loveable child with the infectious smile.
For seven long years, Archie remained alone. Until one day, a family from Texas found a picture of him on the internet. The parents, Joey and Lisa Eicher, traveled together with their four-year-old daughter to Bulgaria. They immediately knew that this child was their son and brother. They imagined what his life would be like in a country without prejudices. But no one could have expected what happened next!

The overjoyed parents shared their adoption plans with their friends and family. But instead of getting the support they expected, they were pelted with criticism from all sides. The terrible prejudices deeply disturbed the parents. 
"Everyone was suddenly an expert and we were met with all kinds of questions and concerns," says Lisa sadly. She attempted to stand up to every criticism, but what really got under her skin was when someone brought her little daughter, Ace, into the situation. The parents were accused of neglecting their daughter, because a disabled child requires so much care. They said Ace will be overstrained by the boy, burdened by so much responsibility. Archie would even be a danger to his little sister! These words took Lisa and Joey by surprise and really affected the couple.
But then Ace speaks up herself! Watch for yourself what she has to say about her big brother:

This little girl's words go straight to the heart and there is really nothing else to add. If this video also touched you, then share it with everyone you know. People with Down syndrome deserve to be treated the same as everyone else and this should be widespread knowledge!


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