The day that KelonteBarefield broke into a shop is day he will live to remember and also wish to forget quickly in his whole life. This is because he was charged with robbery and other charges.
It was in a shop in Canton, Ohio that officer Ryan Davis and a dog named Jethro were trying to get to those who had robbed the shop earlier. On that night the two were on duty when the unsuspecting robber came around. What ensued led to him killing the K9 dog on duty. Now he should have known how serious an offence that was especially to a dog that was adored in that community.
After a sentence of 45 years in prison was handed to him, there have been more than 2,000 letters from that community petitioning the police department to have more serious sentence for someone who commits the offence of killing a police dog. It is as if the sentence was too light according to members of that community.
Time will tell how things will shape up, but with or without changes that remains a capital offence so far.
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