Like many servicemen returning from combat, Erick Scott suffered from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s an incredibly challenging thing to live with as depression and aggressiveness can easily result, as well as flashbacks and anxiety. The end result can be self-destructive behavior all around.
K9s for Warriors is an amazing group which has formed in order to help out vets with PTSD. They are a non-profit group that provides service dogs to vets who have returned and need help transitioning back into having a normal life. Erick’s dog, Gumbo, came from the group. They are actually trained to pick up on any signs of distress, and then respond to them. Sometimes this means simply trying to distract the vet from destructive behavior or even nudge them awake when a violent and painful nightmare is experienced during sleep.
Check out this service dog in action.


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