This world is a cruel one where people are generally too focused on trying to make a living to stop and enjoy the little pleasures, or to get involved in a strangers life. Cornetto Films has released a short film that shows the story of a shy young waitress singing for the customers at the diner she works at. She’s really quite good, and when her song finishes she’s met with a round of applause and smiling faces from everyone but a man sitting alone. From the look on his face it was as though she hadn’t managed to phase him at all, and naturally a shy person would begin feeling self-conscious because of it.
The story continues on with the same, disinterested guy returning to the same spot on more than one occasion, and each time that waitress would sing to grab his attention, failing each and every attempt. Eventually it got to the point where she had to know what his problem was, why he kept coming back but never showing any signs of enjoyment…

That’s a twist no one would have expected, especially since the guy would have to place his order every day… but in the end it all worked out, it just took a shy girl stepping up beyond herself to truly find the reason behind things instead of just assuming, plus they look good together!


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