It’s time to give cute ducks their day on the internet. This video is an excellent start! His name is Charley and indeed he is a character.
Super cute and amazingly adorable in his actions. This baby duckling does something every morning that would definitely make you look forward to waking up. They have a little morning walk they do and it’s about as cute as it gets!
Apparently Charley believes his mom is this guy in the video. Charley will follow the man down the driveway, and then will chase him back up as the man picks up the pace! The little guy is super-quick! He’s having a great time following his “mom” around. The owner is always sure that Charley is right behind him, which is not hard since the guy is so fast and seems to always be no more than a foot or two away from him! He also takes a number of breaks to make sure the little guy catches his breath before they do the next leg of their morning sprints!
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