Meet Clare Syversten, and more importantly, meet Griffin too!
At 26, Clare lives in Northolt, England, and suffers from a rare medical condition known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome which causes her body tissues to degenerate. Even just a slight movement dislocates her joints, and she hates that.
But Clare is no longer the helpless, disabled person she might have been before. With Griffin around, everything better now!
Griffin is a dog that Clare met with the help of the Canine Partners, a charity network that assigns assistance dogs to the suitable disabled persons. These dogs make these people’s lives a whole lot better. In fact, Clare and Griffin have been great companions for almost 2 years, and they both love it!
But what Griffin does for Clare is what will get you weeping. You see, this lady can’t do much on her own, but Griffin makes sure everything is done and done right. You need to see them!
Griffin is that type of a loyal pup that’ll load the dishwater, flush toilets, manage road crossings, carry a purse and even help in shopping, all for Syversten!
This dog is really helpful; so much that talking about Griffin makes her teary. She’d be lost without him, especially when people ignore her because she’s on a wheelchair.
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