When Brooke Greenberg was born via Caesarean section in 1993, her parents were overjoyed to welcome her into the world. Apart from the fact that she weighed a light 4 lbs at birth and required a minor operation to fix an issue with her hip, Brooke was declared a healthy baby. The doctors who delivered her did not have the slightest clue that the little girl would soon become one of the most inexplicable medical oddities in modern history.

When the Greenbergs brought their daughter home, everything seemed fine at first. But as weeks and months passed, something very strange happened: it didn't seem that their baby girl was growing very much. Her parents sought medical advice, but even doctors were puzzled as to why Brooke didn't appear to develop. Only her hair and fingernails grew while the rest of her body remained the same. By the age of four, Brooke stopped growing altogether. The condition was so unusual that doctors had to give it a special name: Syndrome X.
In the first six years of her life, Brooke suffered from a series of medical ailments that she somehow miraculously survived. One such example occurred at the age of four when Brooke suddenly fell into a coma. Doctors determined that the coma was a result of a brain tumor. Her parents began to fear that her death was imminent — so much so that they already started to shop around for a casket for their daughter. But after 14 days, Brooke awoke from her coma and the tumor was nowhere to be found. Once again, doctors had no explanation for Brooke's sudden recovery.
After an early childhood full of strange medical ailments, Brooke remained healthy into her teenage years and early adulthood, although her mental facilities never advanced beyond those of a two-year-old. Physically, Brooke's body remained the size of an infant for her entire life.

The video below tells about Brooke's life and the struggles she faced:


Sadly, Brooke didn't live very long and passed away in 2013 at the age of 20 as a result ofbronchomalacia — a condition that causes difficulties breathing in children.
The remarkable case of Brooke Greenberg illustrates what a loving family she had. In spite of all the medical challenges Brooke faced, her family and siblings stood by her to help make her life as enjoyable as possible. What an inspiring example!


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