People have grown pimples since as far back as we’ve been around and it’s not likely it’ll be an issue that just goes away one day for everyone. In the meantime we’re supposed to shower regularly and keep ourselves as clean as possible on top of the myriad of medicines and scrubs that are supposed to help. Even if you do everything right you can end up with one massive a** pimple, which is partially why dermatologists are a thing. Every once in a while it’s important to go get your skin checked out to ensure there’s nothing seriously wrong, or to pop something in need of popping. Dr. Sandra Lee tends to be the internet favourite since she records and posts as much as possible, but there are more than a few “home doctors” attempting things themselves.
This guy had a massive pimple on the side of his neck and knew it needed to be popped if he was ever going to get some relief, so he requested the aid of his friends. You know, instead of a real medical professional that would know for certain what they were dealing with. Basically for all this guy knows he could be dealing with a cyst, and in that case certain things would need to be done to ensure it heals properly. At the very least that massive bulge has been taken down, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.


Wouldn’t that relief feel even better if he knew for a fact nothing would get infected or go necrotic on him? One would assume so, but again, that was a fairly sizeable lump so removing it faster than not would probably sound appealing…


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