At some point or another we’ve all heard at least one person say they wished they could go back to simpler times to live their lives, but they probably didn’t know what that truly means. They rarely do. They see the Wild West with all it’s adventure; they see the cowboys riding around to save the day and they definitely see the lack of technology, but would any of them know what to actually do back then? Robert Borba would, because he’s one of the few remaining cowboys not part of a football franchise left in the modern world. Borba seems like the type of man you’d hear about in the heroic tales of his deeds and accomplishments, you’ll see why.
While out for a trip to the local WalMart for some dog food and maybe a couple other necessities he came across a young woman calling for help – someone stole her bike. At first he didn’t really grasp what all was going down, but after the thief rode right past him on the stolen bike he hopped on his horse and chase the guy down! Not only did Borba manage to catch up to thief, he also managed to throw out one hell of a lasso to stop him in his tracks! After managing to lasso and tie up the other guy Borba himself called 911 to explain the situation, and not even the operator could contain her incredulity.

It doesn’t take a gun or a knife to be a hero in someone else’s eyes, if you ask Borba he’d tell you all you need is a length of rope, but really it just takes a little out-of-the-way effort. If we all ever started treating one another the way this cowboy did a stranger in need, I think we’d be just fine.


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