I still don’t know what makes some people decide to neglect dogs. Dogs are man’s best friends, and everyone should know that by now.  Here’s a story about this dog that almost died in a township full of people!
His name is Augustus, a nice, innocent and very calm dog. Auggie lived the life of a miserable stray dog. He got infected by diseases that had his skin literally scaling and peeling off. He looked like he had potato-chips on him. So sad!
That’s before the good guys from HASRA (Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt) found him. They took him in and cared for him. He would get washed and his body oiled everyday until the “scales” peeled off completely, then he embarked on a journey to recovery, and he lived!
By the time he was fully recovered, fate was already smiling widely upon him, and he got adopted by a lovely lady, Jordan. All this while, no had the slightest idea what breed Auggie was since his fur had chucked off. Well, now meet the most stunningly appealing Border Collie ever. He’s white and black. Such a lovely look!
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