Seeing a hurt animal is the worst. Especially if they are naturally afraid of being close to humans, so it’s near impossible to try and help them out and that makes it even more frustrating and sad.
Every now and then, a wild animal will recognize he is in trouble, and needs help. It’s rare, but sometimes they will allow the human to help them out. This was the case for a woman who heard a black bird making a racket outside. Turns out what Gertie Cleary was hearing, was a bird crying for help.
The young fledgling was posted up on the fence in the woman’s yard. It wouldn’t stop screeching and squawking!
Her instincts were to just ignore the annoying bird. But when she finally realized something must be up, and there’s no way this bird could be this annoying for no reason, her and her daughter went out to investigate the Raven.
Low and behold, the bird was littered with porcupine quills all over his body! Three on the face and one on a wing. The two knew immediately that this bird was going to die if they didn’t remove these painful quills.
Gertie got some protective gloves and began trying to earn trust with the Raven. Wouldn’t you know, the Raven didn’t fly away, nor did it try to bite her. She was able to gently stroke the bird. Then she went closer and removed one of the quills, and then another. The second was very painful. The Raven cried. Still the bird stayed and didn’t flee. Almost as if it knew Gertie was helping her out, and she desperately needed the help.
The last one was the hardest, yet the bird allowed Gertie to try, and finally, it was removed! After all of the painful quills were removed, the bird could now fly off, but it remained for the rest of the day. They named the bird Wilfred.
The next day Wilfred was gone.
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