It was a wonderful roadtrip with the family bulldog. He was having a blast as it was, looking out the window and enjoying the ride. The owner thought to jack the excitement up a notch. The surefire way to do this would be to play the bulldogs favorite song!

It’s a cover from Josh Groban’s hit song “You Raise Me Up.” It actually came on the radio all of a sudden, and the dog realized his favorite tune was playing. Ears perk up and the sing-along begins! The owner starts off, then the Bully joins in. Out comes a weird dog attempt at actually singing! Not barking, nor noise making, this was a genuine attempt at singing along to the song!

Big smiles from the owner and his buddy! The dog is truly enjoying himself and this was a roadtrip to remember for sure! Share this awesome dog sing-along video with all of your friends and family!


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