Pit Bulls have accrued a very negative public opinion over the years due to just how violent they can be, but what many others are saying is that’s mostly because of bad owners.

We’ve all heard the tragic stories of how someone lost a life or a limb to a pit bull attack, but not many stories showing them in a good light are given much attention, and that’s a shame. Pit bulls can be some of the most loyal and caring dogs a person could ever own, which is exactly why you need to hear about Hero

Source: ABC 7 News

Hero was a stray roaming about the streets in Knoxville, Tennessee when he heard some strange sounds coming from down the road, so he went to investigate. When he arrived he came upon a woman being attacked by a man wielding a knife, and not being the type of dog who could stand idly by as someone was attacked decided to jump in to save the day! Unfortunately he ended up suffering from five stab wounds in the process, but that wasn’t the end of Hero’s story.
Source: ABC 7 News

Two of the responding officers took the dog into the vet regardless of the fact that they would likely end up paying for the surgery themselves. Hero almost died twice while the vet was operating, but fortunately he managed to pull through.
Source: ABC 7 News
This heroic pit bull is now up for adoption to any loving home who would be happy to have him, but currently he’s staying with Carla Welch. Welch actually owns a Pit Bull rescue foundation known as Fighting for the Bullys, and when she heard everything that Hero went through she even managed to raise the funds for his surgery with an online fundraiser.

This is the reason you can tell animals aren’t inherently evil as some would claim, it takes a reason for them to get that way – we humans just happen to be one of the main causes.
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