Animals of a different species confronting one another can have very unusual, and often hilarious, results. Sometimes we witness a “best freinds forever” relationship unfold. Other times it’s just plain bizarre as is the case here where we have an emu and a dog, together in a room.
Sue Holmes decides to introduce Emee the baby emu to the dog. As you can see, the normal emu behavior for this baby is that of very relaxed and subdued. But introduce a dog to the situation? This little emu does all kinds of crazy! She performs a 360 bird roll, does a hop backward thing no one has ever seen before, then the dancing begins!
Turns out the two are indeed friends and Emee the emu actually enjoys trying to imitate the dog. Clearly the dog is getting a kick out of his special admirer as well! Really rare and unique encounter between these two animals!
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