If you have what they call “shy veins” then having blood drawn or getting shots is even more of a hassle than normal. It can be even more painful as the veins are hard to access. Christie Medical Holdings is a Memphis company that has come up with something very cool and incredibly helpful for those with shy veins.
It’s called a Vein Viewer, and it works through a harmless infrared light which will allow the veins in a patient to glow bright teal. This in turn allows for easy access as it locates the hemoglobin in blood and then can find the veins that are nearly half an inch deep. It’s a small device which makes it incredibly handy and it also can be attached to a moving rig. Apparently the clinical studies have shown a 100% patient satisfaction, and so-called “first-stick success,” or finding the vein on the first poke, has indeed been increased!
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