It’s only natural for pets to assume that your couches, beds, and chairs are fair game for lounging on. After all that’s what they were made for and that’s what their human owners are using them for. So what’s the issue here? Well, many don’t like their animals lounging out on their furniture. Dogs especially get the brunt of this bed and couch discrimination! One of the main things is the fur and shedding issue.
Well, you can yell at them to get off the beds all you want when you are around, but when you are gone, Fido is going to get in some comfy relax time by secretively lounging around. This is what happened with this owner’s pit bull. She sets up a hidden camera to see what goes on when she is gone, and ends up learning that he indeed is lounging away on the couch that the dog is forbidden to go on! As soon as she leaves, the dog goes into the room where there is a couch pulled out onto a bed. The Siamese cat is resting on it. The dog pauses and listens to see if the owner is coming back. Seems all good, so he makes his move. He hops on the bed and gets comfortable, and playful! Watch as he rolls and goes on his back with paws in the air!
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