We often hear of veterans going through difficult times in retirement and what the government is doing to keep them as comfortable and appreciated as possible. However, we hear quite little about animals that also serve side by side with the soldiers at war. What happens to them when they retire? Who takes care of them? What benefits do they receive and do they get any kind of special treatment?
Those are some of the questions that many of us cannot answer. Soldiers know that military horses and dogs play a special role in war. They stay side by side with the soldiers and die along with them when things go awry. That is why the Caisson Adoption Project was formed; to take care for horses in retirement.
They found a special way to do it, a way that makes sure that it helps even the soldiers who understand these horses better. They do not just leave the horses in the civilian hands; they match them with veteran soldiers who are interested in taking care of horses as something they do in theirretirement. They understand each other better.
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