Koma the kitten was no more than three days old when he was found on the streets and adopted by Japanese Twitter user Simimaru (@shlml) in September 2015. His eyes were still shut and he was quite weak. A vet who examined the kitten and told the new owner that it could die within a week. It seemed the tiny orange feline was in need of a super hero.

And that's when Ultraman made his entrance. Simimaru assigned her action figure of the popular Japanese cartoon character the task of keeping watch over Koma and documented their journey on Instagram. The unlikely pair soon had over 30,000 followers.

Sometimes they shared a nap.

At other times, Ultraman guarded the kitty while he snoozed.

With lots of sleep and warmth, Koma-chan survived his first weeks and became a healthy little kitten.

Ultraman even taught the kitten how to walk. 

The kitty continued to grow…

and Ultraman was always by his side.

And after a while, Koma-chan was no longer a kitten, 

but he still loved having his buddy around… 

to chat with him about stuff.

It's lucky that Ultraman helped raise Koma-chan because he now he's very much outsized.

Although why would two friends like these ever want to fight?

Now that Koma-chan is such a big boy, Ultraman can barely hug his friend.

In September they celebrated Koma-chan’s first birthday together. 

The once tiny, fragile kitten…

is now a big, handsome cat!

What a cute way to record the growth and progress of your pet! If you'd like to see more of this adorable duo, you can follow them on their Instagram page.


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