A group of officers from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee received one of the most heartbreaking calls of their careers recently when a 79-year-old man requested a bit of assistance. It turns out the old guy had once had a caretaker, but that person did anything but. The caretaker the old man had hired decided instead to clean out his savings and vanish, leaving the man destitute and without help. Unfortunately the winter hadn’t been kind to the elderly gentleman either, and he was eventually forced to call the police for some assistance.

It turns out the guy had made the original call wondering if the police could bring him some food; he hadn’t eaten in two days and there wasn’t a way he could leave his home. Even if there were a way he could get out the former “caretaker” had robbed him blind so he had no way to pay for anything anyways. When officers Brian Gray, Nathan Bolton, Buddy Odom and Adam Runions heard the call they all decided to check it out and learned the whole truth.

Not capable of leaving an old man to rot and starve the guys pulled their money together and bought the man a month’s supply of food! They stocked up his fridge and his pantry, making sure that he wouldn’t be forced to go without anything to eat for a while yet. Even after that was taken care of they decided to open an investigation into the caretaker thief who started this whole mess, and they had some luck.
(image source; Facebook/WCN)
The cops eventually found that caretaker and even managed to recover the entirety of the elderly man’s savings in it’s entirety. After that was taken care of the group of boys in blue decided to take things a whole step further and started a community pantry to ensure no one would have to go without food. This is what policing was meant to be like all along, where the officers actually put stock in their communities instead of what we’ve been seeing. Hopefully more communities begin taking up the same stance because these cops just set one hell of an example.


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