She’s 20-years-old from Missouri and was so badly beaten that she actually lost vision in one eye. It was 2013, and it was her boyfriend that was to blame.

Chelsa’s father. Mark Zack, decided to put up a $500 reward for anyone who has info on where Cedric Powe, 27, was located.

Meanwhile, Chelsa’s stepmom, Melissa Zack, is saying that the boyfriend not only choked Chelsa once, but after she passed out he brought her back and choked her again. Then he began stomping on her head. Powe or Moe as he is known by his friends, apparently fled to the south side of St. Louis and had gone into hiding.

Mark wanted Powe caught so his daughter will be safe, and other women will be spared by this monster. Apparently Chelsa was only minutes away from dying. She will have pain for the rest of her life due to what happened.

Turns out the guy does have a violent history, as back in 2008 he was also arrested for domestic battery, as well as obstruction of justice. In that case he pleaded guilty to the obstruction charge. He ended up with a one year prison sentence. Since he pleaded out to that charge, they actually dismissed the battery charge!

Chelsa did indeed file a restraining order against Powe on Dec. 27th, 2013. Likely not enough to protect her the family and the authorities said, especially as Powe has a history of violating orders of protection. There were two incidents, one in 2008 and the other in 2009 were violations occurred.

Apparently Powe was found and then arrested, while now facing charges of attempted murder. The bond was set at a half-million dollars, and hopefully he gets what he deserves this time around, which is a long, long time in prison.


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